The Mashup That Never Gets Old – Jay Z vs the Beatles


I can’t believe the Grey Album is 10 years old. 2004 was shortly after I had moved to California, and the new exciting thing the kids were doing with music at the time was mashing up songs together. Many of them were amateur, but there were some that were plenty of professionally made ones. And then Jay Z released an a capella version of The Black Album and a bunch of people mashed that up. The best one  was Dangermouse’s mashup with the Beatles’ White Album to create The Grey Album. Helter Skelter and 99 Problems are both classics, and they go very well together.

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Cthulhu Fhtagn!

Somebody found this tree stump in Florida and posted it to Reddit. So I thought, why not a post about Lovecraft? H.P. Lovecraft might not have been the best writer, and he was quite a racist, but he created one of the creepiest mythoses ever, one that has lived far beyond his work, and told some stories that will definitely give you the shivers. There have been lots of movies based on his work, but I’m not going to talk about From Beyond, or Reanimator or the Dunwich Horror, or even the upcoming Guillermo del Toro directed At the Mountains of Madness (which I think is going to probably be pretty damn amazing!). I want to talk about the ones specifically involving the old ones, the deep ones, the esoteric orders that worship them and the big winged tentacle-faced guy himself!

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Musical Works in Progress

2014-02-06 20.46.28I am assuming anyone reading this actually knows me, since I don’t think I’m getting a whole lot of traffic from strangers here. So you know it’s been a while since I’ve been in a band that is anywhere near the gigging level. There was the old prog cover band a few years ago, and then the “jazz study group,” and then the brief attempt to get the prog covers going again. And then for a while it was just myself and Matt on guitar, and then we got Gabe to come back on the drums. And then we took out an ad for other musicians and we met Melica, who plays a mean electric violin. And the more we play, the more it comes together. We’re currently doing mostly instrumental tunes that Matt wrote, though there might be a singer coming soon. Here are a couple of tunes from our last rehearsal. We had a flautist sitting in. I really dug the sound and hope he wants to keep coming. This is the first time in over a year that I feel anywhere close to being involved in a musical project that is ready to go play for people. So until we are able to get some full gigs booked in a few months, I’m hoping we can take it to an open mic soon. Oh, and we also kind of need a name.

Metal Monday – Electric Wizard

electricwizardI started hearing about this band when I subscribed to /r/doommetal on reddit. For those of you unfamiliar with the doom metal genre, think about early Black Sabbath, slow and sludgy and dirge-y with big heavy riffs and dark lyrics. Electric Wizard have been at it since the mid 90’s. They’re from England, and took their name from two Black Sabbath songs (I’m going to make you figure that one out, it’s pretty obvious!). Here’s their full Dopethrone album, considered by many to be a landmark of the genre. I listened to it on my bike ride yesterday and it is all sorts of heavy old school awesomeness.

Beethoven – Große Fuge B-Dur Op. 133

I found this on Reddit today. This was the title of the post and describes it well: “One of the last compositions Beethoven arranged before his death. Some call it incomprehensible, the work of a lunatic. Others consider it a work of technical genius. One things for certain: it’s absolutely insane.” Watching the faces and body language of the players as they play this, I’m not sure if they are truly enjoying it. It’s weird, and ahead of its time, and definitely not what I think of when I think classical music (which I have to admit is a genre I know next to nothing about).